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How do you handle challenges and tough situations?

As a leader, we are faced with this multiple times a day or a week or a month depending on the speed and nature of your business.

What is the most difficult situation you have dealt with and how successful were you?

Deal with the “white elephants” in the room.   It is interesting how many people walk into the room, see the big white elephant and say nothing.   These are the same people who enjoy talking about people and are the nay-sayers in the room.  We coach our team to exercise their great minds and focus on ideas instead of people and things.   Change the conversation and see the results.

One way as a leader to challenge them is to ask them to call out all the white elephants.  We are all adults and professionals so let’s call them out for what they are, don’t leave any in the room, face them head on, deal with them and keep moving forward.  This will move the team in the right direction and brings positive and continued success.

Leaders are vulnerable when facing the challenges head on and that is why we are leaders.   We stand up in front, strong and brave to pave the way for our teams.   For the members who decide not to follow the leader’, well we already know which path they have chosen.

Share how you face the challenges as a leader and what successes you have in dealing with them.   My motto is to face them head-on!

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