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Do Something Different

Every morning it is the same routine giving comfort in knowing the day is organized and planned.  It’s hit the gym, make the new priority task list and embrace the day.

When I was asked to participate in a fashion show, my first reaction was absolutely not and said “are you kidding?”  With the encouragement of the family I decided to do something out of my comfort zone.

The Catwalk

Our first rehearsal and introduction to the runway was new for the fourteen of us.   We joked about who would trip or fall and maybe not even show up.  I have to admit, after the initial dry run this was sounding like a scary thing and yet exciting to do something different.

The group running the event made it a lot of fun and rest assured us there was no right or wrong way to model in front of an audience (yikes!).


The day of the event, we arrived several hours before showtime.  We did another rehearsal, mingled with the crowd and then it was time to suit up!  Behind stage we continued to make jokes and most of us were nervous and anxious.

The emcee’s made it very relaxing and fun with their comments and jokes.  The music was right on track and the crowd was loud and supportive.

Letting Go

As I walked out on the runway I embraced the moment and did not care how I felt all awkward and worried about looking okay.  I was asked to walk out and stop while using my phone.  (inside scoop:  I was sending a text to my family who were in the front row “this is part of the show’).  The emcee was mocking me to get off my phone!  It received a good laugh and actually helped me to relax and have fun with it.

The second set we each had a rose to hand out and my daughter sent a text asking for the rose instead of giving it to Carmela.  Of course the rose went to the lovely Carmela who surprised me when she got up and started dancing!

Leadership And Vulnerability

Leadership and Vulnerability go hand in hand as you get out of your comfort zone to achieve success and experience growth.  This year will be the 3rd year in a row participating in the Heartbreaker Challenge going through fun obstacle courses with lots of mud.

I enjoy challenging others and myself to keep embracing new things especially when they are out of your comfort zone.

Thanks to everyone who was involved at the Kidney Foundation for the Fashion Show.

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