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With the Olympics on, it is inspiring to hear stories of the athletes’ challenges, commitments and perseverance along their way to go for the “Gold”.  How can leaders and their team accomplish this and what will it take?  Focusing on doing less and empowering your team to do more can help in achieving this goal.

What Needs To Be Done and Why

Focusing your energy on what needs to be done and why it is important will result in achieving bigger goals in a shorter timeframe.  Trust your team to execute and to take care of the tasks required.  This shift in your leadership style will result in greater accomplishments.  This provides more time to focus on the leadership side of the business; which means to be proactive, plan for continued future growth, stay connected and build new relationships.  It is an exciting journey as we continue to evolve in this challenging new world with new challenges to overcome.

Leading More

Leading more is about innovative ideas, brainstorming and implementing them. Leading more can be positive reinforcement, mentoring and coaching the team. Lead the team by ensuring everyone succeeds in their respective areas of responsibility.  Provide clear direction, encouragement, autonomy and accountability.   This focus on the way to success to go for the “gold” requires leading more in the right direction and a strong team dedicated to the challenge.

The road is not always straight and in an upright direction.   There are twists and turns along the way as things change and new obstacles are thrown in front of you.  The last couple of years have been filled with these, to say the least.  Step back, reflect and focus your energy on leading more.

Doing Less

This is a tough concept for many of us. As a leader, you rely on your team to execute the goals and their interpretation of the processes. Step in when necessary. Provide guidance and feedback. Most important of all is to just get out of the way!  Let them succeed and encourage them. When you do less, provide the guidance and support to help your team grow without taking on the burden of feeling like you have to do everything.

You have to let go of how to do everything!  This is still a challenge.  I will never fully let go as in caring and inquiring about status updates. Working on fine-tuning the right balance to lead more, do less while knowing the team, partners and managers are taking good care of things.

How are you leading more and doing less with your team to get the “gold”?

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