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As the leader of your company, it is up to you to set the tone for investing in your team.  After all, it is each person who makes up a company.  How are you investing in people?

You can invest in your team in many different ways.   One way is to provide a culture where you can spend some time each day in an area where one can think, create ideas, better educate themselves or meditate.   We have such a room at our office!

Many times, companies focus strictly on production and generating revenue.  The  objection to investing in their people is if they do this, their productivity and revenues go down.  Here you need to look at the return on this investment.  If you provide the right tools to measure these key performance indicators (KPI’s) you will know how good this investment is working for your company.

One of the obvious ways to invest in your team is with wages and benefits.   Review this annually to ensure you are surpassing or at least keeping up to your industry standards.  Having company events, being a community supporter and creating a unique company culture all have a bearing in this area.

Create an atmosphere for inspiration and be the one who invigorates the team.   The leader does this in all his/her efforts.   Walk around regularly and engage your team in conversation, get to know them, find out what they like and do not like.  Ask questions and seek their ideas and opinions.  Listen to them and bring your passion to your tribe grow their own passion.

How are you investing in people?



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