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Are you settling for where the bar is or are you the one who keeps moving the bar higher?

As the leader of your team, your company and in your industry, you get to set the bar!   How do you coach and motivate your team to keep moving to this level?

If you follow, instead of lead, then you have set the bar too low.  Sure, on paper it looks successful when you surpass the low bar, however, you and your team know better results can be achieved.  Do not settle for less.

So how do you lead and set the bar?

Go out and make it happen.  Throw away all the excuses and stop looking at the “others” to lead.  Be the Leader.  The answer is within you!  Step back and visualize where you want to be.  Now raise the bar, develop your plan of action, implement, coach and execute it.

Take a look at your team, at your company and at your competitors in your Industry.  Who is leading?  If it’s not you, what are you doing now to change this?   Go out right now and raise that bar.   Keep moving it up.

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