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How can you lead more while doing less?

By letting go and delegating tasks while not constantly following up will help you lead more. When you always follow-up on each and every task, you are actually doing more and leading less. I am experiencing a bit of this on a daily basis and catch myself! When I actually do let go, guess what? The team takes care of the tasks and do a great job.

This allows me to focus on the leadership side of the business which means to be proactive, plan for the continued future growth, stay connected and build new relationships.

Leading More

Leading more is about innovative ideas, both brainstorming about them and implementing them. Leading more can be positive reinforcement, mentoring and coaching the team. The focus is on the leadership team to help them lead their respective area of responsibility. Increased communications, good structure and updating processes while providing autonomy and accountability result in leading more.

Doing Less

This is the tough part for many of us. As a leader, rely on your team to execute the goals and their interpretation of the processes. Step in when necessary. Provide guidance and feedback. Most important of all is to just get out of the way! Let them succeed and encourage them along their journey. When you do less, provide the guidance and support to help your team grow without taking on the burden of feeling like you have to do everything.

You have to let go! Happy to report this is getting better and as our team continues to grow, my focus has shifted away from taking on so many day-to-day tasks. Of course, I will never truly  let go as in caring and inquiring about status updates. Working on fine-tuning the right balance to lead more, do less while knowing the team is taking good care of things.

How are you leading more and doing less with your team?


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