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Leaders are facing the harsh reality of changing plans rapidly to deal with all the challenges happening around us today.   We have uncertainties with major worldwide events such as the markets crashing and the COVID-19 Coronavirus.  Which sources and how much information do you take in to formulate your direction?

Reactive or Proactive

Some leaders are reactive and jump at changing direction immediately, while others take in as much information and decipher it quickly to put together a proactive plan.   Which leader are you?  We have seen some of our political leaders criticized for not reacting fast enough and then criticized for changing their plans shortly after.   Information is fluid and these leaders implement a different plan based on new information.

Our executive team has been closely watching all the information; locally, regionally, provincially, nationally and worldwide to ensure we have qualified and updated information.  We have taken precautionary measures, instituted several new policies and updated these as required in the span of the last several days.

Health & Safety #1 Priority

We have always placed the AlphaKORians’, our families and clients as top priorities when it comes to health and safety.   Those who have not felt well have gone home.   Those who have returned from travelling outside of Canada have gone home.   Practicing social distance, all face-to-face meetings and non-critical onsite technical services were rescheduled.   Many were changed to phone calls, video conference calls or remote technical services.

Health guidelines have been shared with the team and kept updated.   More hand sanitization and anti-bacterial wipes have been added throughout the office.   Any concerns have been addressed immediately.  We have updated our contingency plan for reducing the team at the office and as many of the team working remotely.   We also have a full business continuity plan for “lights out” operations for the business to run with the entire team working remotely.

Business As Usual

For our clients, we are providing solutions, support and help to keep it business as usual.   Many clients and new clients have asked about working remotely for their employees.   We have provided secured solutions to enable their teams to work from home.   This is part of our core competencies we have many years of experience in providing these types of solutions.  Business must continue; however, it must not continue not at all costs.   Leaders take the initiative to make the necessary changes to balance business as usual while ensuring everyone remains safe and healthy.  Leaders continue seeking updated information and expert opinions on how to keep moving in the right direction.

We Care

At AlphaKOR, we care about everyone and we are here to help in any way we can.  Everyone must work together on taking care of each other during times like this.  Like everything else we have faced, we will get through this together.   Be safe and stay healthy.


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