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Leaders are empowered to focus on being positive, providing focus and direction to achieve goals and end results.   This applies to everything they do for their team and for their company.

Take Ownership

Blaming others creates a negative culture.  Take ownership for the gaps.  Identify them and focus on making the necessary changes to eliminate making these same mistakes.   Leaders stand up in front of their team and accept it as their responsibility instead of blaming someone else.

Focus On Where You Are Going

Some of us love the past and the present.   That is okay for just a moment.   Focus on where you are going.   How are you going to get there?   Who and what do you need to succeed?  Inspire your team with your aspirations and show them how valuable they are to achieve these goals.  Share your vision with the team on what you see in the future.

Build Relationships

Connect with each member of the team.   Get to know them a bit more and let them know you care.  When there are issues troubling them, listen to them.   Sometimes they may seek your advice.  Relationships work both ways.   Have them get to know you a bit more and open up a bit.   Go ahead and be a little bit vulnerable.  Building relationships with each team member builds trust.   Trust results in a positive environment leading to better productivity, employee satisfaction and client satisfaction.

Encourage And Support

Leaders must encourage the team to do their best and to do more than just their job.   When ideas are brought forward for team camaraderie, fund raisers to support their kids and charity drives or charity events to support, encourage them to share their ideas.   Support them by letting the team know this is a good idea and we would like the team to participate.

Saying Thank You

This is one of the many obvious ones to focus on being positive and it is a tough one for many.   Say thank you to those around you.   Let them know you appreciate them.  Stop and listen to them and thank them for sharing their ideas or challenges they are facing.   Seek their suggestions and thank them for sharing.

Bring The Energy

Early birds, night owls, afternoon nappers…. leaders must bring their positive energy all the time.  Emotions and negative thoughts are tough to push aside at times so take the time away from the team to deal with it.  My business partners encourage and support me to be inspiring and invigorate the team.   At times this support makes the difference.   Lean on those close to you who care enough to call you out when you are not delivering.

Wow Them

One of our employees recently asked me if I ever have a bad day?  My reply was “I have no idea what you are talking about” and smiled.  We had a good discussion and I asked why he would ask this question.   His response was “every time you walk by, you are happy, smiling, talking to us and caring about how we are doing.”  Bringing the energy is not easy and is not an option as a leader.

How are you focusing on being positive?


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