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This week we welcome Guest Blogger Lora Crestan, Leadership Strategy & Business Coach.

Your team is multi-faceted; each member having strengths to leverage that could mean huge growth for everyone, including the organization. Are you ready to capitalize on what you have in front of you?

Here are a few ways you can get going:

Find new ways to be remarkable – have your team share ideas on how they (and your organization by extension) are different from the rest out there tapping into your marketplace. What are your customers telling you?

Challenge your team to find ways to fail fast – that means trying new things, living in a ‘beta-test’ world where they (and you) are constantly developing new iterations of their work to suit the needs of their clients while getting better every day.

Make a commitment to spending 60 minutes together each month to focus on team growth and leadership development. By finding new ways to communicate, and new ways to tackle old problems you will start down a path of mutual growth and start on the path to a new evolution of your organization.

We are now heading into the back-half of 2015… what are you going to do to make sure you move your people forward?

Lora Crestan, Guest Blogger

Leadership Strategy & Business Coach


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