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Set And Maintain High Standards

How do leaders set and maintain high standards in their organizations?

Successful leaders set high standards for performance and have accountability in place. The key to setting the bar is a balance between high enough standards for team members to successfully reach.

Leaders with low or no set standards most likely result in teams with low morale and low success rates. Allowing employees to dictate policies such as time off and work pace levels usually move toward the non-productive and negative end of the spectrum.

Skip The Micro-Managing

How to achieve setting high standards and accountability by not micro-managing every detail of the team?

Look at your processes for recruiting, hiring and onboarding of new team members.  Look at current members and invest in each one to achieve the standards set.  Create better policies and accountabilities to achieve these goals.

Set The Bar High

Several business associates have indicated I have set the bar too high.  Instead of lowering the standards we have invested in coaching each team member to reach the standards set out.  I relate setting the bar with high jumping.  Do they ever lower the bar once cleared the bar at a higher level or do they just keep the bar at the same level so you can easily clear it every time?  No, they keep raising the bar!

Swing The Pendulum Forward

You know I will continue to raise the bar as the business pendulum keeps swinging forward!  Yes, there are limits, however, we need to keep growing, encouraging, supporting and coaching our team to get there…and then raise the bar a little bit more.

What are you doing to set high standards to successfully lead your Team?

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