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When do you actually hang up the skates and become the Coach? How do you let go of your daily tasks and be the Leader?

Letting go is one of the biggest challenge I face on a daily basis. It’s been a work in progress for a few years and the good news it is getting better!

What successful changes have you implemented to move to full-time Coaching?

I have made my “Do Not Do List” and removed tasks which I longer take care of. It is easy to revert back and do them yourself, however, you and your Team will not grow if you keep jumping in.

The focus becomes investing most of your time working on the business while empowering the Team to take care of the business. The goal is to achieve this 100% of the time.

Keeping the communication open, supporting and taking care of the clients is still a priority, however, the shift is to delegate instead of taking care of it yourself.

Our Team handles this very well by taking good care of the business and clients. There has been a good transition over the years as we continue to reach new milestones, add new core competencies and new markets along our journey.

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