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Effective leaders know how to set good examples to lead their team. What are you doing to lead by example?

Leaders strive to be consistent with the kind of behaviour expected. Set the bar high enough to challenge everyone yet not too high to discourage some of the members.

Focusing on the important tasks first and completing them before moving on to the next important task helps with the team understanding how to prioritize.

Many teams have “busy” people focusing on tasks not related to the goals. Leading by example and encouraging these members to prioritize better will result in more productive activities.

Facing challenges head on and addressing each one as it arises with a plan of action is another way to lead by example.

Last week at Leadercast we witnessed an example of an effective leader stepping up to face her challenges: the power went out at lunchtime with no options to continue the event. The leader, my good friend Lora Crestan, embraced the challenge, communicated the power was going to be out for several hours and offered several options to the audience as a great way to handle this situation.

Teams who embrace their effective leader and learn by following the examples set, will learn how to blend their leader’s style into their own style. This type of culture leads to successful teams.

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