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Honoured to be one of the Speakers

The future looks bright with this group of local leaders!  It was an honour to be part of their speaker line-up for this inaugural event.  Hats off to the organizers and volunteers!  Here is their story they are sharing with us this week.

Why Local Leaders

A group of university students from across Windsor-Essex County area started up a non-profit organization called “Local Leaders”.  Their mission is to inspire and make Windsor-Essex a more leadership driven community.  This group of like-minded students started up Local Leaders because they felt that a non-profit focusing on leadership development ran by purely students was missing.  “We felt students our age need to come together as leaders and spark the conversation of thinking beyond our everyday needs.  The summit will help attendees discover the needs of the community and think of initiatives to make Windsor-Essex even better.  We are the future and it is important our future is great.” – Linden Crain (Co-President at Local Leaders).

Inaugural Event

On July 11th, 2019,  Local Leaders held an inaugural Speaker Summit at Pelee Island Winery in Kingsville, Ontario.  The topic of this event was to “think globally and act locally”.  Tickets were sold for only $10.00!   There were raffle prizes and 50/50 took place that night.

Over 150 attendees gathered outside in the pavilion and listened to 9 speakers from the local area.  The speaker line-up included Hilda MacDonald, Lisa Jeffery, Joe Oswald, Aimee Omstead, Zain Ismail, Donald McArthur, Frank Abbruzzese, Nour Hachem Fawaz, and Yvonne Pilon.  Each speaker had an interesting story to tell and work experience in sectors including health care, education, politics, technology, and entrepreneurship.

$10 000 Donated to Habitat for Humanity

Leading up to the event, the Local Leaders team reached out to over 25 businesses to sponsor the event and donated the funds to Habitat for Humanity.  Recruiting these businesses as sponsors led to a final total of $10,000 to be donated to Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex on July 22nd, 2019.

The Local Leaders Team

The group of driven university students include Kyle Cervini (Co-President), Linden Crain (Co-President), Jeron Kir (Logistics Executive), Julia Sloan (Special Projects Manager), Brienne Mastronardi (Event Manager), Carter Mastronardi (Sales Manager) and Carter Janisse (Director of Sponsorships).

Local Leaders looks forward to their speaker summit in 2020 and expanding to Universities across Canada.

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