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Making commitments and fulfilling these commitments takes discipline. Whether you make promises in your professional career or in your personal life, the ones you keep or the ones you break are a reflection of who you are.

Sure we get over zealous from time to time and start saying a lot more than we can deliver. When this happens, it is okay to admit you are not able to commit. Most people understand most of the time and appreciate your honesty.

Time management is one of those challenges making it difficult to commit by the target date set by you. Prioritizing your tasks and making the tough decisions to focus on your commitments to successfully complete them on time takes a lot of discipline.

Consistently following up and delivering what you guarantee builds trust and long-lasting relationships.  Make it a daily habit to fulfil your responsibilities as set by yourself. This will become part of your core value and make you a better leader.

How do you keep your commitments you make?

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