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The Personal Side

Enjoying time with the Family, both the good times and the tough times.  The difficult times bring the family closer together sharing memories and emotions on what each day will bring.  Watching Haley and Syd grow into young adults and being part of their journey has been a thrill.  The lovely Carmela has been beside me, supporting me and we are there for each other.  We do our best to balance our personal time away from work and make time for each other and our daughters.  We enjoy the time with extended family and friends as we get together and enjoy everyone’s company.

Volunteering in activities such as mentoring and sitting on boards is enjoyable while ensuring I take are of being healthy by hitting the gym in the morning and playing hockey.  Being called names like “The Connector” and “The Networking King” makes me happy with the personal part of the journey!

The Professional Side

What makes AlphaKOR enjoyable are my partners; Ali, Mazen, Shawn and myself working together with our management team and the AlphaKORians who are so dedicated and committed. It is exciting to tell our story and be recognized as leaders in our areas of expertise.  Being named Tech CEO of the Year and being awarded  the John Smith Award by the Health Unit for healthy programs for our Team makes us proud.  Fulfilling the role of President has been very rewarding.  I cannot thank the partners, Carmela, the Team, our clients, family, friends and associates  enough for all they do.

Gender Equality And Diversification

For our twenty five year journey, AlphaKOR has subscribed to gender equality and diversification.  One-third of the AlphaKORians are female and the team represents eighteen countries.  It is a compliment to watch other organizations follow our lead and join in the movement.  We have brought many back home to pursue their career at AlphaKOR and have brought others from abroad to our community.  We encourage everyone to be successful along their journey and thank you for being part of our team.

Thanks To Our Clients

Our loyal clients who support us and provide feedback to keep striving for excellence make it an enjoyable journey.  We have built relationships with organizations and companies of all sizes located all over the world.  We strive for excellence in providing and supporting them embracing technology to keep them on the cutting edge and protecting their data.

As we continue to invest in the company, our Team and in the community, we look forward to making a difference along our journey.

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