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As our second year in pandemic winds down, it’s time to thank everyone for being a part of a very challenging year for us all.  Saying thanks and really appreciating so many for being a part of my journey.  Both professionally and personally as we continue to deal with this new world upon us.


Every year just keeps on getting better.  In reflecting on all the good things and the challenges we had, we are blessed to have everyone on the team, with about half from home and half at the office.  We continue to help others run their organizations safe and securely and work together in a positive and successful direction.

There are many great people to thank, including my business partners; Ali, Mazen, and Shawn, our spouses, who are always there for us, the incredible AlphaKORians’ and our clients (the extended team).  This year we had to skip our annual company dinner and providing lunch to everyone in the office and those working from home who want to participate.  Our annual “ugly” sweater contest is always a hit and the Top 10 funny moments will be virtual.

Thanks to our families, friends, and associates who play a role in our successes.  I thank each and every one of you for all you do!


How do you balance work and the holidays?  Many working from home might find it more difficult to turn work off during the holidays.

Finding the right balance between work and the holidays can be a tough balance.  When clients or your team reach out to you at any time, it is easy to simply respond since we are so plugged in these days.  Don’t forget to wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year if you do respond.


We have had many nights and weekends with the family again this year.  Looking forward to spending time with the family during Christmas and New Years’.  Movies, music and games are enjoyable past times at our place.

We have some shows to catch up on and of course the annual Star Wars marathon tradition will continue!  We will play some cards and even our favourite called Scopa with our traditional Italian cards.  Of course, there will be a puzzle or two to make.   This time with the family is fun and will be treasured for years to come.  We introduced a new rule last year to help unplug:   no phones (we will try again).


Looking forward to seeing you soon virtually and one day in person soon.  Thank you, everyone, have a good holiday and all the best in the new year.  Merry Christmas and enjoy the moment.  Be responsible and take care of your loved ones. Enjoy your holidays and here’s to 2022!

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