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Are you setting the bar or simply allowing others to set the bar for you?

Being the leader on your team, in your company or in your industry means you get to set the bar.  Yes this is your responsibility.  It is your responsibility to bring your team to this level.

If you follow, instead of lead, then you have set the bar too low.   On paper it may look like success when you pass this lower bar, however, you and your team know better results can be achieved.

I know you may be thinking, “yeah right, the bar is already high enough”.  Is it?  Take a look at the featured pic for this week’s blog.   Two people working together to get to the top.   Neither one of them had made it all the way until one did it on his own.   He then worked with his teammate, encouraged her and pulled her along to reach the top.

So how do you lead and set the bar?

The truth is:  go out and make it happen!   Throw away all the excuses and stop looking at the others to lead for you.   Be the leader.  The answer to setting the bar is within you!  Now, raise the bar, develop your plan of action, implement and execute.

Again think about our two team members climbing the wall together for the first time, both with the same goal and no idea how to actually execute this together.  So they relied on each other, worked together with some leadership and successfully achieved the goal.  (As an aside, the AlphaKORians came in 1st place in the Friend Climb Event at WEtech’s Nerd Olympics at Windsor Rock Gym).

Take a look at your team, at your company and at your competitors in your industry.  Who is leading?   If it’s not you, what are you going to do next to change this?  Raise the bar!

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