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Do you ever stop and think about what is your purpose in life and in business?  It is a tough one to actually do this and to figure it out if you have not already.   Sure, I know what you are thinking:  You do not have a purpose.   The truth is yes you do!   We all do.

Let’s start with your personal purpose.  What role do you play in your family and with your friends?  Sit back and think about your role.  Do you tend to mingle, take charge or accept these relationships and work your best to keep them going.   How do you handle the challenges with family and friends?

Do you ever sit back and determine who you want to spend more time with and less time with?   It is OK to be a bit selfish here and decide to invest more of your personal time with the ones who make you better, make your life more pleasant and to be with those who appreciate you so you can pursue your purpose.

My family is a good mix of celebrations for the holidays and birthdays.   My wife and daughters have always made our dinners a priority to eat together as a family as often as we can.  We even have the “no phones at the table rule” which we do break from time to time.   When I get “caught” I always justify it by saying it’s work and important.   Unplugging more often to spend quality time with family and friends is my purpose to focus on the joy of being in the moment.

In your profession, who do you want to be known as and what do you stand for?  This is your purpose.   You can lead, go with the flow, follow without questioning or think about why you are doing what you are doing or you can be the nay-sayer, negative one on just about everything.

You can be the go-to person when people need help, advice or simply need to talk to someone they can trust.  You can be the one who succeeds all the time, the top producer, the one who sets and raises the bar all the time and keep growing, educating and bettering yourself.

I do my best to focus on being a leader together with my business partners who lead in each of their areas of the business.   We meet regularly, have open and candid conversations to keep us moving in the right direction.   We make time for each other, our team, our business and our clients, associates, family and friends for a good balance.

When it comes to leadership, as my role as president, I look at my purpose and determine what that is.   Most of the time it is well received and some times it is good to receive feedback and suggestions to reshape the focus.   This keeps us moving on track to execute our plan, empower the AlphaKORians and to deliver excellent service on a consistent basis.

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