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This week more than ever, it is challenging to stay motivated and focused on business as we deal with the challenges of staying safe and healthy.  I am revisiting this subject to help stay on track for your team and your business.

Successful people always seem to be motivated.    They are energetic, focused and accomplish great things on a consistent basis, regardless of what gets in the way.

What Keeps Us Motivated?

Motivated people walk briskly with a purpose and with the sense of confidence.  They have a drive to solve a problem, to create a new standard or to simply take care of the task at hand and move to the next one.  Motivated leaders overcome all the challenges, embrace new plans, execute these plans such as sending their team home to work remotely in a safe and secured environment.

Be the leader to keep the pendulum swinging forward.  Seeing the results of satisfied clients to keep their organizations running and seeing our dedicated team working together with everyone to help is motivating.  Our webinars are designed to help others and to start the discussion on what challenges the business community is facing.  We are here to listen, help and provide answers.  Join the conversation on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:00 pm  and see how the AlphaKORians are making a difference.

Why Are Others Not Motivated?

It is easy to procrastinate and focus on what cannot be done and to focus on the negativity.  Growing up on a farm has embedded the routine of getting up early, focus on the day and to turn it off a bit in the evening.  Working out daily with the F45 crew online keeps me focused on health and helps clear my mind to bring the energy to every day.

It is important to make leisure time to relax and enjoy each day.  Reading and spending time with the family makes my leisure time enjoyable and keeps me motivated!  Spending more time at home and with the family, find what you enjoy and make this part of your daily routine to keep you motivated.

The Result Of Being Motivated?

You create your own destiny.  Sure, we get frustrated.  We vent.  We complain.  We are worried.  All part of the cycle.  Focusing your energy onto the positive side and focusing on what you can do to help will take you to your destiny.  Let go of the things that are not in your reach and things you cannot change.  Your self-motivation to keep moving in the right direction is your own motivation.   No one else can do this for you.  Motivate yourself to make a difference.

Did you know you have the power to motivate yourself?

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