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Successful people always seem to be motivated.    They are energetic, focused and accomplish great things on a consistent basis.

What Keeps Us Motivated?

Motivated people walk briskly with a purpose and with the sense of confidence.  They have a drive to solve a problem, to create a new standard or to simply take care of the task at hand and move to the next one.

The reward for accomplishing and being creative is enough to motivate some.  Being the leader to keep the pendulum swinging forward is motivating.  Seeing the results of happy clients and our dedicated team working together is motivating to keep growing and accomplish bigger goals.

Knowing you make a difference, such as helping companies expand their business with your solutions, helping entrepreneurs take their ideas to build companies with your mentoring efforts and connecting people to create opportunities are some other factors keeping me motivated.

Why Are Others Not Motivated?

It is easy to procrastinate and focus on what cannot be done and to focus on the negativity.  Growing up on a farm has embedded the routine of getting up early, focus on the day and to turn it off a bit in the evening.  Hitting the gym five mornings a week and playing hockey once or twice a week has become a healthy routine.  Just have to remember not to stay up too late.

It is important to make leisure time to relax and enjoy each day.  Reading and spending time with the family makes my leisure time enjoyable and keeps me motivated every day!  Find what will help keep you motivated and channel it to break the routine of not being motivated.

The Result Of Being Motivated?

Creates your own destiny.  Sure, we get frustrated.  We vent.  We complain.  All part of the cycle.  Focusing your energy onto the positive side and choosing the “high road” will take you to your destiny as set out by you.  Your self-motivation to keep moving in the right direction is your own motivation.   No one else can do this for you.

Did you know you have the power to motivate yourself?

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