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I have shared with you in the past my biggest fear is the fear of failure. This inspires me to focus on being successful with all decisions made. Sometimes I am wrong and like most leaders, good thing most of the time we are correct. Thanks to our instincts and our circles of people around us who help us make the right decisions on a consistent basis.

Leaders overcome the fear of making mistakes and overcome the fear of letting others down. This does take some time to learn the skills to deal with these fears. It still can be a challenge some days and I just keeping working on it to push the fear aside and deal with it.



If you want to find negativity in any aspect of business or life for that matter, you can find it because as we know “misery loves company”. Staying optimistic and moving to always being positive is a very difficult challenge for some leaders.

Recently, a close colleague commented how can I always be so positive and find something good to say about everything. This is not an easy accomplishment and like all leaders, I do have trouble with it and fall into the negativity trap on occasion.

Bouncing back, changing your path to positive and learning how not to fall back in the trap are ways to cope with removing negativity. The other way is to remove the “nay-sayers” and focus on the positive people you interact with.

The future is actually very bright and it has not be written yet, so I challenge you: Be as positive in all your business and personal thoughts and decisions. Who is up for the challenge?


The Past

Experience is a good thing and sometimes not such a good thing. It is OK to acknowledge the successes and learned mistakes from the past. However, to dwell on the past most of the time or to keep comparing to the past can hold you back as a leader.

Finding the right balance between your past and your thoughts of the future to focus on the moment makes you a better leader. Remember the pendulum is always swinging and as a leader, what are you doing today to ensure the pendulum is swinging forward? If you live in the past you may be stopping the pendulum.


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What is your biggest challenge you are overcoming as a leader?

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