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Leaders Empower Their Team

There are many ways leaders can empower their team.  Leaders who coach and nurture their team and provide different levels of autonomy are successful in achieving this.  All teams require a leader to manage the team’s direction based on established goals.  The team requires coaching along the way to develop the strategy to reach and surpass these goals.

1.  Clear Direction

Setting clear direction is part of the ever-challenging element of human interaction called “communication”.  Most of the time, there seems to be a misunderstanding about the direction or what a person was supposed to do or not supposed to do.

Take the time as the leader to provide the necessary details outlined in simple terms to clearly provide direction to all members of your team.  Ask for feedback to confirm your team fully understands the direction.  Remember your team’ perception is the reality and it is your responsibility to ensure they have the right perception!

2.  Define The Goals

Define the goals of the company, your team and the tasks at hand.   The team embraces these goals and are empowered to achieve and surpass them.  Goals must also be clear with a path of who is responsible and with a timeline.  They should be measurable, challenging and yet attainable.

Provide everyone with the necessary metrics so your team knows where they are along the way as you reach milestones along the way.  Leaders develop a plan to focus on these goals, they provide the direction and support as required.  They help all members to successfully attain their goals.

3.  Accountability

Accountability for each team member is essential.  Without accountability to the team leader, most teams accomplish very little.  Defining the focus of what everyone is responsible for and providing the guidelines on what this responsibility includes will empower your team.

What are the consequences for not being accountable and not reaching the goals?  Each leader sets these out up front to set the expectations and what it means if the goals are not reached.  What other resources are available to help everyone along the way to be successful?

Implementing these three ways will result in your team being empowered to make decisions with confidence.  Leaders empower their team and then get out of the way to let their team grow.   Coaching and asking for updates and feedback are essential along the way to continued success.

How do you empower your Team?

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