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  1. Character

Leaders develop high character in their organizations and make this one of their top priorities to care about.  Defining your Core Values helps to define the character of a company.

Our Core Values are Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence and Commitment which all revolve our Total Customer Experience. This defines AlphaKOR’ high character.

  1. Anxiety

Being aware of the team’ anxiety and addressing it helps reduce the level of stress felt by an individual. Leaders recognize each person’ concerns and works with them to help them deal with it in a positive matter.

When the levels are high, understanding and problem solving become more difficult if not impossible.  Decision making processes are clouded resulting in poor results.

These worries can stem from a number of sources, including lack of clear direction, misunderstanding and maybe even the fear of what the future brings. Communicating a path for each member to follow and understand will help reduce this anxiety.

  1. Responsibility

Leaders empower their Team by defining each person’ responsibilities and what they are accountable for. These are clearly defined and understood by everyone. Coaching is provided along the way to ensure everyone takes on the responsibility and achieves success.

The challenge for many leaders is letting go of taking care of “everything”. Their focus shifts to helping the team take on bigger tasks to help achieve the overall goals.

  1. Energy

We always notice the people in the room who bring the energy – are you one of these people? Good leaders bring it and teach their team to do the same.

Achieving results requires you to bring the energy all the time. Sometimes it takes effort within you and remember it is expected from you to deliver this consistently. Look at the successful people and you will see and feel this vibe. Embrace it.

Inspired by: http://www.kevinathompson.com/care/

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