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What instinctive habits do you have?

Communicate Effectively

This is the #1 instinctive habit seen in remarkable leaders.  Clear communication results in everyone understanding the leader.  Each person on the team always knows their expectations. Each member knows the value of their role.

Remarkable leaders invest focused time with everyone, asking questions and listening.   Speaking is only half of the equation and the other half is effective listening.  This has been a bit more of a challenge with virtual meetings over face-to-face discussions.

Make the Decision

Decisions are made.  Process the information at hand, weigh the results both positive and negative and then make the decision.   The important point to note here is to make the decision.  Sometimes the decision is to defer or to not make the decision.

If you procrastinate and wait until you have all the information, a timely decision may not be made.   Most of the time, you will not receive all the information.   Make the decision.

Praise and saying Thank-you

Saying thank you to those around you who have helped and who are contributing to the overall goals.  It is important to tell people you appreciate them.  Recognize them by acknowledging them for their contributions.

Say thank you more often and show your appreciation.  Try it and see what great results you get!

Always Challenging

Set the bar high and keeping raising the bar.  Do not accept the status quo.  Keep challenging by asking more questions such as “Can it be done better?” and “What else can we do to improve?”.  Question the process and review how things are being performed.  Keep asking how it can be improved to achieve excellence.

The beauty of striving for excellence is you never achieve it because you need to keep raising the bar.

Seeking Help

Everyone should seek help from time to time to keep growing.  Remarkable leaders look to further educate themselves by reading, attending seminars, asking experts, viewing podcasts and so forth.  It is okay to ask for help and it is not a sign of weakness.   Enriching your mind, your skillset and asking others to assist, strengthens leaders into becoming remarkable leaders.

What are your instinctive habits?

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