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Being vulnerable makes you a better leader.

Be Confident

People prefer their leaders with an appropriate balance of confidence and humility.  Yet, one of the greatest challenges many leaders struggle with is embracing (and revealing) their own vulnerabilities.  Now is the time to be open, candid and caring as a leader.   Show your nurturing side and bring your passion.

Being confident while showing your personality will make you a better leader.  People will follow you, respect you and although they may not always agree they will have your back because they know you have theirs.  Leaders jump out and “stop the bus” for their team.

We Make Mistakes

Why do many feel they have to be perfect and never make any mistakes?  There is a significant difference between striving for perfection and appearing to be perfect.  Many cannot tell the difference and struggle with this.  Some have the fear of failure while others have the fear of success holding them back.  Which fear do you have, if any?   I fear failure!  We strive for perfection while at the same time we are open to being vulnerable – find the the balance that works for you.

We learn from our mistakes and we do not replicate them.   We move on, teach others by sharing our mistakes.   Sharing this with others makes you vulnerable and it strengthens relationships by showing how much you care by opening up so everyone learns.

Take The Plunge

Be the first to do something different.   Take the plunge!  Start virtual online discussions to help others when the world had to go work from home overnight.  Start your own peer groups and networking groups.  Ask for help to be a better leader and work with coaches for business and health.  Yes, it is okay to ask for help!

Go out and continue to lead by example.  What is the next challenge standing in the way?  Figure out what it takes to overcome it and execute your plan.  You may be right most of the time and you may be wrong once in a while.  Be vulnerable, stand up and lead.

Care About Others

Businesses sometimes forget it is the people who make their brand;  the team, the clients, the associates, the community and others who support you along your journey.  Remember to say thank you.   Make time for them.  Ask how they are doing and how you can help.  We have reached out to many recently simply asking what we can do to help.

I miss “doing laps” at our office interacting with the AlphaKORians’ and seeing how they are doing.  Friday afternoons we bring the team together online and it is a time to update them on where we are going, asking how they are doing and letting them know we care about them as they head into the weekend.  Last week we had a couple of members return to our team and you could feel the warm reception from a team that cares about each other.  I admit, I was a bit misty-eyed wrapping up the discussion thanking the AlphaKOR family for all they do.

Continuously raising the bar and striving for excellence while being vulnerable are what makes you a better leader.

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