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Being vulnerable makes you a better leader. 

“People prefer their leaders with an appropriate balance of confidence and humility. Yet, one of the greatest challenges many leaders struggle with is embracing (and revealing) their own vulnerabilities.”

Why do many feel they have to be perfect and never make any mistakes? There is a significant difference between striving for perfection and appearing to be perfect. Many cannot tell the difference and struggle with people like us. Yes we strive for perfection while at the same time we are open to being vulnerable – the balance.

In a recent presentation which included some personal stories, one gentleman approached me to ask why there was such an admission of a weakness? My response was open, honest and straight-forward:   “I am not embarrassed to admit sometimes you deal with all the pressure by going home and spending some alone time and yes even cry”. He seemed to have a real problem with being this honest and sharing it with the audience. It’s the only policy I know!

Continuously raising the bar and striving for excellence while being vulnerable are what makes you a better leader.

Check out Brad Smith, President and CEO of Intuit, for his story which inspired this week’ blog topic.

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