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Why do some Teams move forward together while other Teams seem stagnant?  I just cringe when someone answers a question about trying something different with “No, that won’t work, because we always do it this way”.

Change Is The Only Constant

Why are so many resistant to change? Why do so many want to keep doing the same thing without even considering how to do it better?  Thankfully, we are in an industry where we have “hourly” changes in technology – that’s about how fast business moves when it comes to the Technology and Innovation sector!  Today, everyone has experienced this constant change since the pandemic hit and we are all dealing with this together.

Embrace Change

Embrace change. Accept change. Yes, there are processes and methods that work well and are proven over time. The foundation can remain the same. Your principles and core values can remain the same. It’s how you adapt to this ever-changing environment that makes the difference in your business.  Some have reinvented their business, their processes and their services.   Others have had bigger challenges and could not make changes to satisfy the new rules and restrictions.

The Unknown

Remember when there was no Internet? (Oh no showing my age!)  Remember when we asked to think about a webpage and a domain name for your business way back in 1996?  Many were not ready to embrace this new digital world.  Some even said it was a fad and would not last.   We even compared it to getting a fax number. In 1996, if you did not have a fax number you virtually did not exist as a business.

Today the conversation stems around Cyber Security.   Same thoughts again.  Many feel they are too small, not important and under the radar.   We are all targets because it is random.   The only protection you have is layers of security and education.  Like the fax number and a domain name, a cybersecurity strategy is a must-have to be in business.

Seek Knowledge

It is okay to be afraid of the unknown. Seek knowledge, test the waters a bit and see how it affects you, your team, your business, your suppliers and your clients.  How does embracing change make you a better competitor and make you the “pioneer” leading your industry through this?  Position yourself to be the expert on the subject matter.

Asking questions, asking for help, coach and mentor others are some of the ways we will get through this together.  Be vulnerable, candid and bold to change the way you always do things.

The AlphaKORians’ Dictionary

I know what some of you are thinking. Yes, the phrase “We Always Do It This Way” is banned by the AlphaKORians along with those five words you know all about.  Having part of the team in the office and part of the team working from home has resulted in many new ways of taking care of our clients to ensure they are running their operations safely and securely.

One of the constants we have accepted is constant change.   Have you accepted this yet?

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