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Do you ever stop and think about what is holding you back?

Does Anything Hold you Back?

Look at the other side of this question to determine what motivates you.  Focus on what motivates you work on the other things preventing you from moving forward.

We have talked about removing the nay-sayers and negative energy around us.  Really think about this.  If you find this holds you back, do something about it.  You can ignore, forge ahead or you can be held back.  It is all up to the person you see in the mirror to decide.

Move Forward!

Move forward!  Sometimes we are drawn into the negative noise or as I like to refer to it as “the dance”.  Learn to recognize when you are being drawn in and move to the positive side.

What fears are holding you back?   Face these head on and deal with them.   You will find you are strong enough to deal with them and you do have the ability to get past them.  It is a big challenge and takes awareness and determination to conquer these fears.


Think about your challenges and how you address them.  What is in the way of resolving challenges?  Is it you?  What excuses do you allow to hold you back?  Excuses are just excuses by the way and most of the time they are not valid.  They are stories we tell ourselves.  One of my old excuses and stories I used to tell myself was I grew up very quiet and shy.   These excuses held me back at the beginning of my career until it occurred to me these were just stories I was telling myself.

When I think about excuses, it comes down to myself holding me back.  Some mornings it was easy to shut off the alarm and sleep a little longer.  The good news is I wake up earlier and no longer shut off the alarm.  Those old excuses, such as “I’m too sore and too tired to go to the gym” are no longer part of any morning!  Do not let yourself get in the way!

Channel Your Energy

I could sit around making more excuses and not accomplish anything in a day.  I find my drive is to just get up, fill my water bottle and head out to the gym.  Dive into the tasks and challenges at hand instead of mustering up all the negative energy as to why you do not want to take care of them.

Remember, do not let yourself get in the way and hold you back.  Channel your positive energy to help you move forward.  I am glad I do when waking up and always feel energized after an early morning workout.  Now I am ready for the day and the all the good opportunities and challenges it brings.

What is holding You back?

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