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How are you building your network on a daily basis?

Share your network by connecting people.   This should be happening all the time and should happen naturally when the opportunity arises.  Being known as “the Connector” is a good thing to building your Circle.

I personally enjoy connecting people especially at the WindsorEssex Circle events. Watching new relationships develop and seeing interactive discussions leading to great ideas which turn into opportunities for them is what it’s all about.

Sharing information such as articles specifically to someone in your network makes them know the value you have on the relationship. Take some time to think about others and what they may be interested in. Make it genuine and not tied to your services to generate a sale.

Call on your client base, prospects and associates proactively.   Set a target of how many you will reach out to per day.   Think about them and what might interest them to start a conversation.   It does not have to be related to your business or direct selling.   See your results when you do this every day.

Being compassionate and bringing positive energy to everything you do regardless of how your day has gone or what is on your plate can sometimes be difficult.  Breathe, focus and bring out the positive energy and positive thoughts.  People prefer to connect with people like us.  Don’t forget to smile and to keep smiling throughout the day.

What are you doing to build your Circles every day?

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