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Building Your Connections

This Building Circles blog started back in August 2011 and reflecting on one of my favourite topics this week.  The main purpose of building your connections is to create strong long-term relationships and to reach out to them on a regular basis.  It is about Building Relationships both personally and professionally. Everyone builds relationships on a constant basis and they are built at different levels.

The two most important aspects for me are Honesty and Integrity.  Both values apply to each relationship, however, there are times when one person may not fully share the same agenda.  This leads to the negotiation side of the business relationship.

Value And Respect

All relationships are valued and respected.  When an error is made or there is a misunderstanding, the strength of the relationship is weakened.  Sometimes it is for the moment or for a short time and on rare occasions, it lingers until the relationship is severed.  We learn and we strive to improve with our experience.

Sometimes these relationships may go dormant for a while and one day, they are rekindled with both parties moving forward together.  A good practice is to always leave the door open to rebuild it in the future and the saying “don’t burn any bridges” is good advice to follow.

Virtual Relationships

Creating relationships in the “virtual” world is different and we certainly had to adapt in the last couple of years.  Social Media channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook along with e-mails do not have any emotions.  These virtual relationships exist and take on dynamics of their own!  Communication is most important in what you say and how you say it as clear and concise as you can.

We will continue to build virtual relationships with the technology in place to easily allow us to communicate with anyone around the world.  Video communication does help with virtual relationships.  Focus on the conversation and leave the phone, e-mail and other distractions until you finish the conversation at hand.

In-Person Networking

During the pandemic, Wednesday Wisdom was born as a weekly virtual networking group.   It has now evolved into an in-person monthly event.  The shift was easy and supported by many who were ready to network again at venues.  We are averaging 65 people out at the monthly events and appreciate all the support!

If you have not attended any Wednesday Wisdom events, join us by registering at Wednesday Wisdom which runs the first Wednesday of the month from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

Daily Connections

Building your connections daily with open discussions and creating win-win situations result in very strong, trusted relationships.  You can rely on each other for more than just a professional relationship and build a good personal relationship.  Sometimes it can be to share advice, either personal or business.  Other times it can be making an introduction to help others make new connections.  Other times it can be mentoring or volunteering to help others.  These connections can open doors and help you to continue to grow professionally and in your personal life.

How are you building your connections?

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