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How do you make new connections?

As a business professional, this is one of the most self-rewarding activities I really enjoy. Meeting people for the first time and interacting with them on a regular basis provides the opportunity to get to know each person’ story.

There are many ways to make new connections.  You can attend networking events, charity events, client appreciation open houses, introductions through tools such as LinkedIn or say hello to someone at the grocery store.  There are people around us every day who are potential new connections.

Connecting people together to spark a good discussion leads to creative ideas and opportunities for everyone.  It is called the “triad relationship”.  You are the third person who connects the other two and once the conversation flows between them, you move on to the next triad connection.

Besides attending networking events to connect, there are other events which create the opportunity to meet new people.  The summer months have a number of golf events for good causes.   We support many of them, send a golfer or two to participate.   My focus is attending the dinner portion.   At every dinner, I meet new people to connect with and see familiar faces to get to know better.  Those you are connected with introduce you to someone new.

I have enjoyed attending the YQG Talks.   Meeting someone new in the audience or introducing yourself to one of the speakers are good ways to make new connections.  People are open to getting to know you and they welcome the new connection.   Don’t forget to connect with them online and follow-up to say thank you for connecting.

Attend as many events for business as you can.  Focus your energy on making new connections and focus on connecting people together.  Watch your “circle” of connections grow.

Looking forward to making new connections today.

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