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We understand that investing in CRM software can be a large, up-front expense. That is why we created an infographic that demonstrates just how powerful of an investment it can be when implemented fully and comprehensively.

When you invest in CRM software, you are investing in an application that will keep you technologically advanced and give you a solid edge on your competition.

Businesses that Use Cloud Based CRM

In 2008, a study reported that only 12% of companies with CRM had a cloud based solution. Meaning that you could access the software off site, making customer relations effortless when you’re traveling for meetings. In contrast, 88% of companies were limited to in-office use.

By 2018, that number has reversed, 87% of companies using CRM software have a cloud based solution, where as only 13% are still limited to in office use.

If you are in the 13%, your company is at a great disadvantage against any competitors who are using a cloud based software. Your customer service may suffer and automating simple, yet necessary steps or protocols will be limited at best.

Re-gain your advantage by investing in cloud based, off-site crm solution capabilities.

CRM Primary Benefits

74% of companies found that CRM improved their customer service. In the article called Why you should invest in CRM – 3 Benefits to increase your ROI we mentioned a powerful statistic from salesforce: “Three out of four consumers say they spent more money with a company because of a positive customer experience.”

66% of companies reported that CRM improved their customer satisfaction, 56% reported  an improvement in customer retention, 53% reported that with CRM, employees could dedicate more focus on generating new business, and 29% reported improved marketing intelligence.

Mobile CRM

Research by Innoppl Technologies has reported that companies using mobile CRM achieved 65% of their sales quotas, whereas companies without a mobile CRM investment report that only 22% achieve their sales quotas. 

That’s a huge difference, and could be the defining factor between reaching your companies growth goals and falling just short.

What is CRM Used For?

94% of companies report that they used CRM for their contact management. 60% of companies use CRM for lead management, 59% use the software for email marketing and 59% use it for sales forecasting.

Needless to say that CRM is a diverse software solution. With it’s built-in task automation features, it frees up your companies sales representatives time, so they can focus on acquiring new customers and up-selling your services or products.

So what are you waiting for? Invest in a CRM software, get that extra edge over your competition and start increasing your ROI. Check out AlphaKOR’s developed KareCRM software if you want an investment that is truly worth your time and money.

Technology can provide your company with the productivity boost you’ve been looking for. Often times technology business projects can get derailed before they’re even considered a viable option. This could be due to the lack of information and ROI presented to your executives. We’re here to educate you and your team to plan and build project proposals that match the way CEOs think.

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