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After several months of planning, strategizing, renovating and logistics we have moved into our new location at 7800 Twin Oaks!

The incredible AlphaKORians stepped up to make the move a very smooth transition. It is amazing to see how much “stuff” we accumulated in just six years at Mercer.

Coordinating all the third party companies can be a daunting task. Thankfully most of it went extremely well and of course one would expect some bumps along the way. These were communicated and all went very well with the plan and contingency plans in place.

Timing is everything and I will personally remember this Move as virtually impossible to deliver what I wanted to deliver. There was something about the number of events and activities that happened all at the same time. Tough decisions were made with no regrets.

As it turns out, we were out of town this weekend for our daughter’ soccer tournament. Choosing family was the right decision. Not being there for the AlphaKOR family was very difficult. We stopped into the new place as soon as we were back in town for a few hours of unpacking and organizing. It is a great space and here is a sneak peak of the Unplugged Lounge:

This week there are some boxes left to unpack. There are fixtures to hang on the walls, some organization and cleaning. The main focus remains on the business side to ensure our clients are taken care of. Thanks for all the feedback and support from everyone.

It truly shows what a great Team we have when we can unplug the entire company at the end of the day Friday and be fully live again within a couple of hours. Hats off to our very talented and dedicated Team!

As we finish unpacking our boxes, we are preparing for our Open House on June 18th and look forward to seeing you join us to celebrate over 20 years!

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