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In what ways are you inspiring your Team to grow with your company long-term?

Challenge your team to keep building on their skills, education and experiences.   This will reduce the stagnation many teams face where members get bored.  One constant in the technology and innovation sector to keep it exciting, there is always something new to learn and to nudge your team to add to their skill-set.

Does your leadership style follow a bottom-line-driven mentality or follows a people-first culture?   When you make your clients and your team first, you will find the bottom line tends to take care of itself.   Try it if your leadership focuses on money instead of relationships and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Do you recognize your team and individuals for a job well done?   Everyone seeks and likes the recognition especially in front of their peers.   We share accolades with our managers to spotlight employees.   We also recognize employees at our team discussions and present milestone awards for dedication and commitment to service.   5, 10 and 20 year awards are presented with 25 year milestones just around the corner.

Having an open door communications policy where everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinion, feedback and suggestions create an inspiring Team.   This results in a culture where everyone enjoys to continue to make things better, not only for them, their peers and for the clients alike.

What are you doing to inspire your Team?

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