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It is exciting to share the AlphaKORians’ will be celebrating 27 years on February 25th, 2022!  It is a day to reflect on the past for a moment while balancing taking care of clients.  There are always scheduled tasks, requests, service tickets and projects on the go.  Just like our recent Family Day holiday, there will be many clients and new opportunities to help resolve and plan their investments in technology, keep them safe and secure and assist them to share their stories on social media.


We enjoy looking back at the many pictures, videos and marketing material along our journey.   Some are real classics, some make us laugh and others are gems to cherish as we continue to celebrate many moments along the way.  When we were celebrating 25 years a couple of years ago, little did we know we would have two years of challenging times with this global pandemic.  Now we have many virtual memories we created while working from home and/or from the office during this time.   The Team has gone beyond the call of duty and has been there making a difference helping so many.

Giving back to the community and supporting causes and attending events have always been a self-rewarding part of being in business.   We are fortunate to have these relationships working together to help others.


Our team discussions went to a virtual weekly format to stay in touch with the team before heading into the weekend.  Communicating with each other on a regular basis continues to be important to keep the team updated and share their stories.  Some have returned to the office while others work from home.   In our virtual world, we see each other and not quite the same, it does help.

I look forward to having everyone in our Unplugged Lounge in the future for our monthly team discussions.   Face-to-face will always be my favourite way of interacting!


I have been asked over the years why we celebrate milestones.   This started with our 10th anniversary, our rebranding when we went from AlphaKOR Computers to AlphaKOR Group and was duly noted in the early days of social media when we announced our 14th anniversary.   My response is to take some time to celebrate the past, embrace the moment, appreciate it and create many more milestones.

There have been some exciting milestones and awards along the way.  We are humbled and grateful as we continue to ensure we are always there to help.    Thank you for all your support.

Our clients, the community, family, friends, partners, managers and our team have truly made the AlphaKORians’ who they are today.   I cannot thank each of you enough for being part of a wonderful journey.  It feels like we have just started and have many more milestones to create!

Take your moment to cherish your accomplishments.

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