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Most of us work daily as part of a Team and we contribute in our own way.  Some days we spend most of our time interacting with the Team working together on tasks.  Many days are fun and of course challenging as we keep learning new things all the time.

Recently with the Nerd Olympics, the AlphaKORians have been challenged to work closely together outside of the office.   We have Team sports,  other outings and company events which are always fun.

This time around, there is more preparations and interactions with the Team for the Nerd Olympics.  We have a large number volunteering to participate in the six events.   I was very impressed the events filled up quickly and we have extra’s signed up to fill in as needed.

Our first task was to choose four participants per event.  As you can imagine, more than four were interested in each event.  We scheduled a Team outing to review the events and the sign up sheet.  This was a lot of fun to bring together all areas of the company having fun after hours.  Some suggestions were made in who should be in each event.  A revised list was sent out and a couple of members switched events.

At Event I:  Virtual Gaming hosted by Silver Tee Golf, one of the four was running late and  sent us a message.   The next two on standby had a discussion, made a decision and one of them stepped up.   Great leadership, team sportsmanship and camaraderie all around.

I am proud of our Team in not only the four that participated and gave it their best, but in the rest of the Team that came out to support and cheer.  We did cheer very loudly!  On top of this, we even cheered for the other teams!

Hats off to Yvonne and the WEtech Team for spear-heading the Nerd Olympics.  It’s not often we see so many technology and innovation professionals socializing in a public setting.

The AlphaKORians work very well together both on the business side and on the lighter side.   It is very rewarding to watch the Team having fun!

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