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This week we welcome Guest Blogger Julia Youhanna, a grade 12 student at Holy Names High School.

I’m currently doing my co-op at AlphaKOR.  I took co-op to see if the field I want to go into during my post-secondary schooling is actually something I want to do.

While being here, at AlphaKOR, I have not only figured out I am still interested in computer science, I now also have an interest in business.  Being here and observing staff meeting, phone calls, client meetings, I have seen a little bit of the business sides of things at AlphaKOR.   I love seeing the interactions with the clients!  The great thing about being here is not only did I see the computer side of things, but also seen a whole new side I was not even thinking was there, that is, the business side.

Frank is my supervisor and he provided me with computer science related tasks to do and business related tasks.  I really have enjoyed my time here.

When I first walked in, I was intimidated because it was a different environment and something I was not used to.  The office space was just so new to me since I have only worked in retail only.   I do enjoy the office work space because it is more organized and customizable to your preference.

While working in a retail kind of space, you do not get your own personal space to customize to make you feel comfortable.  There are different types of things that I learned during my time here at AlphaKOR.  I learned how to do a little bit of coding, I learned and observed business meetings and how to talk and present your ideas.

Guest Blogger Julia Youhanna, Grade 12 student at Holy Names High School

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