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Over the years, we have been asked “What does AlphaKOR mean?” The answer is the AlphaKORians:   An Unparalleled Team!

The AlphaKORians are dedicated. They are committed in relentlessly providing excellent service consistently. They have integrity. We cannot thank them enough!

As we celebrate our new campus on June 18th with an Open House, we are grateful to all our supporters who have been loyal along the way.

To achieve this success, there is a Team who must take responsibility by executing each and every day.  In our case, it is actually 24 hours a day, every day of the week and every Holiday. No exceptions!

The AlphaKORians demonstrate excellent teamwork as many projects, events and activities require the members working together. This collaboration leads to achieving successful results on a consistent basis.

In October 2014, we added the CCD team. This was a seamless integration of the new members joining the AlphaKOR team to become one unified Team.

At the end of April 2015, we moved the CCD team from Walker Road and we moved the AlphaKOR team from Mercer Street to 7800 Twin Oaks. The Team is all together at the campus.

They were instrumental in ensuring we had a very smooth move with very little interruption. Thanks to their efforts as we were completely unplugged for less than 2 hours! What a great feeling to walk into the office ahead of the targeted date and find everything up and running.

AlphaKOR is continuously evolving to serve the community better, both in our core competencies and in volunteering to give back to the community. We take great pride and have some fun in being involved with many great organizations in our area to make a difference.

Some of the camaraderie demonstrated at the campus is playing catch, tossing the football and kicking around the soccer ball. Enjoying the greenspace and the sunshine builds a strong team spirit.

Successful teams have great leadership. The Partners provide this great leadership. Thanks to Ali, Mazen and Shawn for moving AlphaKOR in the right direction for over 20 years! Thank you for the great pleasure in my role to tell our story to the world every day.

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