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Guest Post by Frank Abbruzzese, President of AlphaKOR Group.

“Partners Planted in the Community”

This week’s topic is a very special one for me. On Saturday night we had our company holiday dinner with our Team and our significant others. Traditionally, the Team purchases the 4 Partners individual gifts catering to each of us, which are not necessary.

Well this year, the Partners were in for a very special surprise. The 4 Partners were called up to the front and were each given a gift bag. We were informed to open our gift bags at the same time.

I pulled out a mini-shovel and a mini-rake. Hmmm, I’m thinking we are going to get an adventure to build a sand castle. Then I pulled out purple gardening gloves. I looked over at Shawn who was next to me and had the same items, as well as Mazen and Ali.

Then we were instructed to put on the gloves. As good sports we did, albeit a bit reluctant at first. Next we were handed a large wrapped gift and all four of us opened it.

The gift was a picture frame which Brandy read out loud so everyone could hear:

“We, the staff of AlphaKOR Group, are pleased to present you with your very own maple tree. You have built this company from the ground up to service our community for years to come. In the same spirit, this maple tree will be planted during a special ceremony in the spring, and will be a valuable community resource for generations.

At the foot of the tree will sit a plaque that reads: Partners Planted in the Community – Ali Jaber, Frank Abbruzzese, Mazen Jaber, Shawn O’Rourke.

Thank you for all you have done for us, and for our community”

We still caught a bit off-guard with the gloves and it finally sunk in. Yes, those who know me will know I was a bit misty-eyed. We were overwhelmed and very thrilled with such a very thoughtful and touching gift. As a matter of fact, I took a picture of the frame and tweeted it saying so.

What an incredible gift from an incredible and caring team!

Earlier in the evening, I reminded everyone what AlphaKOR means and asked the Team to come forward and be recognized just like we did at our ribbon cutting ceremony at the open house in June. This incredible team is AlphaKOR and have really surprised the 4 Partners with such a long-lasting gift that words cannot describe how touched we are.

Thank you AlphaKORians!

Originally posted on Frank’s Building Circles Blog.

Dec 17, 2015

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