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As a leader, what kind of culture do you want in your team?  In Tribal Leadership, we learned several tribes form automatically when teams reach over a dozen, so the question is what can leaders do to ensure the overall culture is positive?

Be Positive

One of the keys to building a positive culture is for the leader to be positive.   Always.  Bring the energy with it.   Positive energy is very powerful and influential with all members of the tribes.  During this challenging time, everyone needs to know the direction, goals, and outcome required with a plan and processes in place to continue to be successful.   The definition of success may have changed, however, the positive drive from leadership and the team is required for reaching these targets.

We can debate the glass is a “half-full/half-empty” discussion and my answer will always be half-full.   Be optimistic and look at lessons learned on anything negative.   Put a positive spin on all challenges.

Show You Care

At this time more than ever, showing each other you truly care makes a huge difference.   Ask questions and listen to others.   Everyone has a story to share with the tough issues they are facing.   Listen.  They may not want advice and just want someone who cares to listen.   Show empathy.  We tend to swap stories or share we have similar challenges.   This might be the time when you do not offer your similar story and respond by asking more questions to show you want to understand and you are there for them.

Anxiety and stress are higher than normal for many today.  Creating a positive and caring environment others open up and deal with some of this anxiety and stress.   Keeping communication open and creating a safe space where everyone can open up and share.   This can be in the office, on the phone or on virtual meetings.  Let your team and clients know they can count on your leadership to be there for them.   Always.

Create Fun

Cultures with all work only are not a fun environment.   With many working remotely, look at online games such as trivia to play as a company.   Schedule weekly virtual gaming time to break up the workweek.   For those in the office, create fun or quiet space.  We have a ping pong table where everyone is welcomed to play anytime.   Some are competitive while others just want to return the ball!   During the holidays, we have hidden Easter eggs to find and with Christmas around the corner, there will be a holiday-themed game.   During Halloween, we have a costume contest.

Friday afternoons, we wrap up the week with a team virtual meeting with the main agenda is everyone having a chance to say hello to each other and share some highlights of the week.  The team has provided positive feedback on this weekly meeting to keep in touch and feel part of the team while working from home.

Give Back

The AlphaKORians’ support the community by giving back.  We have fundraiser drives to support local causes to help others in need.  Many of our team volunteer their time.   This includes sitting on boards, mentoring, helping with charity work by volunteering, and presenting to groups who require assistance.

Taking part in a company-wide drive strengthens the culture as everyone works together on making a difference.   Recognizing the team’s efforts and sharing the stories from the organizations or recipients creates a humble feeling.   We are blessed to have so many who are dedicated, caring, and supporting each other.   Thanks to everyone for being part of our family along our journey.

What is your culture like and what works best with your team?


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