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The top 3 qualities of successful teams and The AlphaKORians’ demonstrate these every day:

1.  Collaboration

Working together on projects, whether they are client-driven or company-driven, the Team seeks input and expertise from each other to successful achieve the task and goals.

Words such as “I” and “Me” are not part of the AlphaKOR vocabulary and truly reflects the definition of Collaboration, which is “We”.   When you ask “What’s in it for me?” you are no longer collaborating.   The question we ask is “What’s in it for us and the client?”  Now that is true collaboration.

2.  Dedication

Each and every member of the team must be committed to the rest of the team.   This means helping each other to stay focused and to keep moving in the right direction.   Dedication to oneself in always delivering the best they have to offer.

It is OK to miss a task or to be behind on a task.   The key to dedication is to communicate this to the others, update your contribution and plan of action.   Each member’ dedication to commitment and success keeps the entire team working well together.   Hey it does not have to be perfect and as long as we are always dedicated to do our best, we all are successful.

3.  Integrity

No question integrity is an essential component and must be present at all times.   Having integrity as individuals and as a team is not an option.   Sometimes walking away is the answer if it is going to question your integrity.

Integrity is cut and dry:   either there is integrity or there is not.   We never compromise our integrity.  It is that simple.

What other key qualities would you add to this list?

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