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This week we revisit this topic on what qualities do successful teams have.  Thanks for those who have shared their qualities and welcome your comments and feedback.

These are 5 qualities The AlphaKORians’ demonstrate every day.

1.  Collaboration

Working together on projects, whether they are client-driven or company-driven, the Team seeks input and expertise from each other as required to complete tasks.

Words such as “I” and “Me” are not part of the AlphaKOR vocabulary and truly reflects the definition of Collaboration, which is “We”.

Participating in events such as the Nerd Olympics or Hats On For Healthcare shows team collaboration working together to support the Community and great causes.

2.  Diverse Skillset and Personalities

If everyone on the team had the same skillset and the same personality, it would be difficult to provide such a wide range of services.   Specialty and focused skillsets set apart a successful team.

Blending many different types of personalities by working together result in a very successful results.   This is part of the recipe of what makes the AlphaKORians strive for excellence and continued success.

3.  Dedication

Each and every member of the team must be committed to the rest of the team.   This means helping each other to stay focused and to keep moving in the right direction.   Dedication to oneself in always delivering the best they have to offer.

4.  Integrity

No question integrity is an essential component and must be present at all times.   Having integrity as individuals and as a team is not an option.   Sometimes walking away is the answer if it is going to compromise integrity.

Define your core values and ensure integrity is at the top.   Without integrity there is not much else you can offer or do to build a strong, loyal dedicated team and long-term clients who support you.

5.  Trust

Teams must have trust amongst each member and in the overall team.  When there is any mistrust, it needs to be addressed and resolved immediately.  Trust in yourself and in your team makes for achieving great results.

We recently celebrated 22 years in business on February 25th and the AlphaKORians  always  demonstrate these 5 qualities as we continue on our journey.

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