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It’s been six years since the WindsorEssex Circle idea was created by yours truly and Joe Di Giorgio.  We have been very pleased with all the support, suggestions, and the way the group has evolved.   Yes, we did take a break last year and focused on how to make the Circle better.   Here are five reasons why.

  1. You

We all know Windsor-Essex Rocks!   There is a number of people that support us just because they want to support us.  Thanks to all of you for embracing the idea of making connections and having good discussions.

Many have given us feedback and suggestions showing how much you care about making the Circle better.  There are friends and associates invited to events which result in meeting new people at all our events as well as familiar faces.

  1. The Winning Formula

This is our “secret ingredient”.  Well, it’s not much of a secret although it is what sets the Circle apart and keeps it getting better.

The Winning Formula:  No fees.  No hidden agenda.  No drama.  The WindsorEssex Circle does not technically exist as an entity or organization.   It is simply an idea to bring people together and provide an informal, inviting atmosphere where everyone is welcomed.

We have never changed this formula and have stuck with it since day one.   Lots of ideas and strong suggestions to change it and glad we are focused on our winning formula.

  1. The Venues

Our Region has so many great restaurants, clubs, and banquet halls.  We would like to thank all our host venues for embracing our group.  It is challenging since we do not know how many will show up and we prefer to stand instead of sit at tables.   For restaurants, it can be more of a challenge since most do not want dinner.

The good news for the venues is they have a crowd on a quieter night and many first time visitors who become regulars for their business.

Some venues provide complimentary appetizers which we are very thankful for.  They provide an open room where we can network and talk without interrupting their regular business.

  1. No RSVP

I look at no RSVP as an easy way to consider the event and if you decide not to attend there is no harm.   Other times, you have other plans and decide you can stop in anyways since you did not have to RSVP, you do feel welcome to just pop in.

Bringing guests or telling others to attend makes it easy without having to go online and register with all the details.    Yes, RSVP is excellent when holding events and serve their purposes, however, we have found no RSVP’s is a better approach for the Circle events.

  1. The Circle Energy

One common observation of every Circle event is the energy in the room.  The events officially run from 5-7, however, you can find some arrive at 4:30 and you can see the last ones leaving around 8:00.

Everyone is engaged in conversations with very few exceptions.  Most of the time there are groups of 3 or 4 in a discussion.  As the co-host of the Circle, it is easy to bring someone to the discussion, make introductions, and continue to connect with others.

Sometimes I head to the back of the room, do a quick headcount, and observe.   I really like what I see:  A room full of people, smiling, talking, and exerting positive energy.   They are asking each other to share their story, learn more about who they are and how they can help each other and our community.

The WindsorEssex Circle is YOUR group and that’s why it Rocks!

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