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Why is it important to help each other and the community?  Our community supports our careers, our businesses, our families and we support each other as we deal with this challenging time.  In my mind, the question should be:  Am I doing enough to support each other and the community that has supported me?

Everything Helps

The AlphaKORians’ donated 500 masks to the hardworking nurses at Windsor Regional Hospital Metropolitan Campus. We are so grateful to our brave front-line workers who put their lives at risk every day to help us!  Many organizations have pivoted their business to help such as hand sanitization and masks.

What can you and your organization do to help?

Together We Make A Difference

Each day we are watching the news and the latest information.   Together, we can make a difference.  Changing the way we interact, the way we work and the way we socialize all play a part in helping each other stay safe and healthy.  We may not agree or like what it takes, however, leaders step up, embrace the situation and execute the plan to help.

It’s A New World

In this new world we now live in, we need to look at two major areas of our lives and our businesses.   What can we do to help and what do we need to do to keep it as business as usual in the virtual world?

We have helped many organizations deal with the sudden requirement of staff to work from home.  Keeping employees connected to the office so they can work safely and securely.  This is the time where cybersecurity is of the utmost importance.  We have implemented many solutions overnight to keep our clients’ data from hackers.  Be alert of the many schemes and read e-mails carefully.   Look at who they are from and question if it is legitimate before opening attachments or clicking on links.

Interactive Virtual Discussions

There are many interactive virtual discussions happening every day to help each other.  AlphaKOR started with inviting our clients and the community to join us on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons to ask how they are doing, what challenges they are facing and how we can help each other.  Our team has been helping other organizations by volunteering as virtual guests for such organizations as the WindsorEssex Regional Chamber and the Windsor Ontario Network (W.O.N.).

These virtual discussions are designed to help each other and have an interactive discussion on what is happening today and where we can make a difference for each other and for the community.

Keep Supporting Each Other

There are many organizations in our community that need your help. We are all responsible to do our part.  I encourage you to go out and do your part by giving back to our community.  Reach out to everyone to help.

As we continue to support each other, we must remember to take care of our own health, our family and our team.   The toughest challenge is keeping your organization running while balancing everything else today.

How can we help?

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