General Amherst High School Tour – November 27th, 2018


The AlphaKORians' hosted students in Grade 11 & 12 from General Amherst High School.   Thanks to Mr. John Clarke for making the arrangements and to Emily Li Causi from the Greater Essex County District School Board for attending.

The students were introduced to AlphaKOR, the industry and were given a tour of the facility.   Along the way, they met the team who talked about being a software developer, corporate sales rep, accounting, management, digital marketing and being a technician.

Tauseef from our Design department demonstrated some of the software tools AlphaKOR has developed.   The afternoon session consisted of the students asking many questions to our President to know and understand the opportunities at AlphaKOR, in the IT and Innovations sector in WindsorEssex Region.   Social media tips on some things to do and not to do were shared along with building their professional network as they start to enter their careers.

We would like to thank the students, General Amherst High School and The GECDSB for this opportunity to help the students think about this exciting field and to stay local as they become our professionals of the future.


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