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Windsor-Essex Dev Fest

On Saturday, October 5th, 2019, the Google Developers  Group (GDG) held its' second  Google Development Fest at the University of Windsor.   AlphaKOR was a proud sponsor! Both myself and Brian Gernon from our Team were two of the speakers.

Don Ward, together with his team and with University of Windsor Computer Science held this great event at the Odette School of Business.

What Is A DevFest?

DevFests are Google sponsored software developer conferences for a local software development community to join together to network and learn about the latest technology.

The day long event included an amazing lineup of speakers from WindsorEssex and from across North America to share their hard earned knowledge on technologies.   The topics ranged from machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security, entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion in the IT Industry.

Who Attended?

The audience was a mix of students from the local high school, University of Windsor and St. Clair College and software professionals.  In addition, several Googlers joined the event to share their expertise and insights on some of Google's latest technologies.

There were 215 attendees making this a success and continuing to build for next year and upcoming years as one of the must-attend tech events of the year.

AlphaKOR' Participation

Events like this are important to our local tech scene and to the community.  Bringing students, professionals and academia together to share and learn about the latest technologies makes a difference.

I talked to a number of students who are excited about being a software developer and knowing there is a future locally for them to join a firm or start their own company.

Brian Gernon from our Corporate Sales Team, presented on Cyber Security and provided the latest stats, attacks and tips on how to protect your data.  Yours truly presented on being an Entrepreneur in the Tech Sector.

Thanks To Don Ward And His Team

It takes a lot of volunteering, planning and many hours of work to put together an event like the DevFest.   Hats off to Don and his Team for a successful one!

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