The Networking Academy Program – Who is #1?


On Thursday, April 4th 2019, AlphaKOR's president Frank Abbruzzese had the honour of speaking to St. Clair College students and recent graduates.

Among the guest speakers, Cisco Canada president Rola Dagher announced St. Clair College has the highest enrollment in Computer Networking in North America! The college is also #1 in North America for female enrollment in the program with a whopping 23%. She expressed her commitment to continue to inspire college students and recent graduates to better Canada with continual technology innovation, to help connect government, education and healthcare with technology.

We also had the pleasure to listen to Patti France, President of St. Clair College provide motivation and inspiration to the crowd. "The most indispensable assets are not the brick and mortar, but the computer power in connectivity." She expressed how workplace integrated learning is beneficial for students, that real life experience offers cutting edge education, and it's what it takes to bridge the gap between present and future in the technology industry.

Frank expressed his humble gratitude for being a source St. Clair College refers to in order to keep their education curriculum up to date. He proudly expressed his pride towards the college for ranking #1 in female enrollment in North America because workplace diversity is top priority at AlphaKOR with 25% females employees. He ended his speech by stating how much he's looking forward to seeing what innovations St. Clair students and recent graduates bring into the technology field.

Congratulations St. Clair College for helping the YQG community stand proud in front of their education system and technology innovations!

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