YQG Talks – Making An Impact


It was a night for passion, creativity and to hear nine people share their story on what drives them and how they are making an impact.

Thanks to Cierra Bray for inviting our President, Frank Abbruzzese, to share his story. There were 200 people in the crowd at The Olde Walkerville Theatre.

Some highlights from Frank' YQG Talk:

"WE, as in WindsorEssex, must tell our story like no one else can."

"My work ethic from growing up on a farm in Leamington is what drives me."

"I left the Region once for about nine months when I was 23 and it was the People of YQG that I was missing that made an Impact on me to come home.   That's when Windsor "adopted" me *as he puts on his YQG hat*"

"When AlphaKOR invested in the 2 acre property on Twin Oaks and to renovate the 12 000 square foot building, everyone kept asking Why Windsor?  Our answer:  Why not Windsor?"



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