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Cloud Services

Managing Business IT Operations

professional office with hybrid cloud workspace

Hybrid Infrastructure

Hybrid cloud infrastructure combines on-premise and public cloud environments to connect your organization’s technology to a flexible infrastructure for your applications and workloads.

employee working on cloud network

Cloud Infrastructure

We deliver the cloud infrastructure so that you can focus on what matters. No matter how many or few resources you need, we’ll enable your organization to have access to everything that the cloud has to offer.

medical office on a private network

Cloud Security

The cloud is a great place to store your data, but is your cloud infrastructure secure? Cloud security works to protect your data, applications, and infrastructure from threats and vulnerabilities.

cloud server room

Cloud Migrations

Is it time to upgrade your software, hardware, or both? With AlphaKOR Technical Services, migrating your infrastructure to the cloud for increased operational efficiency has never been easier.

microsoft 365 applications on mobile device

Microsoft 365 Applications

Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365, is a collection of powerful office applications designed to make your workflow easy and efficient.

microsoft teams on cellphone

Microsoft Teams

Whether for work, school, or family, you can stay connected and organized, as well as collaborate in real-time from anywhere. Microsoft Teams makes it easy to accomplish any task and share ideas.

employee collaboration tools

Collaboration Tools

You likely have your team working from home, in the office, or a hybrid mix of the two. Collaboration tools make it possible to collaborate together anytime, anywhere!

employees with specific document access

Document Management

With cloud document management, you’ll be able to store, manage, and access your data from a single point of contact- anytime, anywhere!

microsoft business voice on microsoft teams

Microsoft Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a cloud-based telephony solution that seamlessly integrates with Office 365. 

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