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Cloud Migrations

Is it time to upgrade your software, hardware, or both? With AlphaKOR Technical Services, migrating your infrastructure to the cloud for increased operational efficiency has never been easier.

What Cloud Migration Does For Your Business


Cost-Effective Operations

Save on upfront hardware costs by migrating your on-premise infrastructure to a cloud environment.


Modern Business Software

Replace your old applications and upgrade to modernized cloud software that will allow increased productivity, efficiency and mobility.


Compatible Business Databases

Get insights from data across your organization with one central database.


End-User Communication

Our technical experts work with your office and remote workforce to ensure a successful migration.


Keep Your Data Private

Our experienced IT professionals will ensure that your data is migrated safely so that you can avoid losses.


Advanced Security Migration Protocols

Moving data from one database to another can open up vulnerabilities for people to steal and exploit your data. We make sure that your data is secure and protected.


Operation and Functionality Verification

Once your infrastructure has been migrated, our team of experts will verify operations and functionality.


Continued Support After Migration

Following the infrastructure migration, our technical support technicians will respond to your calls, emails, and tickets to resolve any issues you may have.

More Cloud Mirgration Information

The first stage of performing a successful migration is to properly assess your business requirements and understand your expectations.  We will then develop a work plan, set a schedule, and establish lines of communication with the key project members.

Whether you need to migrate data from your old software to new software, or an old system to a new one, AlphaKOR has you covered!

We Would Love to Be Your IT Provider

AlphaKOR Group is proud to have worked with numerous businesses all across Windsor-Essex County. This means we have experience deploying successful IT projects in a wide range of verticals. We have the experiencepersonnel, and technology to provide exceptional business technology solutions to every industry.


100+ IT Services Projects


100+ IT Services Projects

Health Care

100+ IT Services Projects


100+ IT Services Projects

Professional Services

100+ IT Services Projects

Your Questions About Cloud Migration


What is Data Migration?

Data migration is the process of moving data from one source to a target source. While the concept is simple, data migration can be a complex process and must be done right to ensure the security of your data.


Can You Migrate Applications?

Yes, we offer migration services for applications.  Applications can be migrated to servers in the cloud or to a cloud enabled application.


What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving from an on-premise infrastructure or software to a cloud infrastructure or software.


How Long Does a Migration Take?

The time it takes to migrate your data, applications, and other systems depend on how much data needs to be transferred and how complex the system is.  Migration can be deployed in phases to minimize the impact on production.

Schedule a Meeting with AlphaKOR

When an AlphaKORian is assigned to assess your business network, no stone gets left unturned. You will have a comprehensive understanding of how your operation matches current industry standards, where your vulnerabilities are, and how you can optimize output with technology.

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